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Warning: I am going to use my Tumblr to shamelessly self-promote. But I promise it will be quick and painless. So please read!

I am a new Arbonne Consultant and I am working towards a promotion this month. I joined this company because I believe in the products. I want everyone to know about them because they have already improved my life immensely and I want to help others to have the chance to improve their health, their skin and along with it their self-esteem! I don’t think I could have joined this company at a better time than now. This month brings in the launch of a long anticipated product. It is called Genius. And that is exactly what it is, a Genius product that will change the face of the skincare industry as we know it! (pun intended)

Genius is the first retinoid product ever to be botanically based! Arbonne’s pure, safe and beneficial promise makes this product safe to use from 12 years on up! Whatever your skin concerns Genius can address them. Do you have acne, dark spots, saggy under-eyes or wrinkles? Do you want to prevent the effects of aging while you are still young? Your skin troubles could disappear if you give Genius a chance! 100% of participants in a clinical study saw results in two weeks! Those are great odds, and we are already hearing of wonderful results from those who have already gotten their hands on this product! Genius is also formulated to work in concert with and enhance all other skin-care regimens from Arbonne.

As with all Arbonne products Genius is vegan certified and gluten free. It also contains no fillers! Fillers just make it look like you are getting more bang for your buck when what you are really getting is a half a bottle of product and a half a bottle of stuff like mineral oil which is not beneficial for your skin and can actually cause you to break out! You get more bang for your buck from Arbonne because just a little product goes a long way. It’s not all thinned out from fillers!

You can see all the products Arbonne has to offer here:

Arbonne offers skin-care, cosmetic, nutritional products and more!

If you are intrigued and wish buy Genius and/or some other products you can buy straight from the site with my Arbonne ID in hand: 13863589

Just click Join Arbonne at the top next to Login and register for free as a client, enter my ID: 13863589 so I can sponsor your purchase. Then you can proceed to shop to your hearts content!

If you have any questions feel free to message me here on tumblr or e-mail me at

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    I am going to use my Tumblr to shamelessly self-promote. But I promise it will be quick and painless. So please read! I...
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